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If a hectic situation arises at the shop—how do you react as an owner? Often there are circumstances that might leave you stunned or even hostile, and it's important to take time to reevaluate before worsening the situation.

Deborah Snider, nurse practitioner and holistic life and wellness coach, says it's important to take time away from a situation when you start to feel stress come through. When stress occurs, it can have physical results on your body which can potentially worsen the situation. 

"Stress gives us headaches, stomach aches and it makes us tired," Snider says. 

When you take time to take care of yourself, it can not only bring you back to the present moment, but it may leave you feeling better about the situation afterwards.

"I can't tell you how many times on a busy day when there's a possible conflict that I'm going to be in front of or an important task I will take just a moment to take two deep slow breaths before I respond and step into my task," Snider says. "I take a couple of deep breaths and now I'm centered. 

Taking time for yourself allows you to show up, Snider says.

"Anything that nurtures me as a human being is going to increase my happiness and my peace," Snider said. "Interestingly enough, with a business, [self-care] increases productivity and efficiency."



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