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Crafting Your Leadership Philosophy

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CEO of Leverage Creative Group, David Loy, recently published a blog post for CEOs and business leaders on crafting a personal leadership that inspires your team.

Loy found himself thrust into a leadership position when he founded Leverage Creative Group. He did not know what to expect and says he encountered many things that he was not prepared for. So, he created the blog as a way to help others in a similar position. 

Loy shares his insight on a good leadership philosophy and gauging whether or not it’s working with Ratchet+Wrench

How do you define a leadership philosophy? 

I think it’s the documented way of how you make decisions. If you are not aware of and able to recite the things you think are right and wrong—you’ll stay stuck. If you know what guides you and where your boundaries are, it’s easier to make decisions. Your vision and your beliefs are able to clearly communicate that.  

How should this philosophy be used?

Part of it is committing it to your own memory. I encourage people to print it out and put it where they’ll see it consistently to remind them of the decisions they make every day.

What does a good leadership philosophy look like? 

I think it will change based on who you are and the specific situation. You have to find the one that works best for you and the people you surround yourself with. 

How do you know if your leadership style is working? 

There are a couple of questions that you can ask people. What would someone say about you if you were not in the room? If those things are positive, then the philosophy is most likely positive. A lot of companies fall. When the leader leaves the room, how many eyes are being rolled? Does the leader lead by action versus by demand? I want actions to prove what I want rather than forcing people to do what I want. 


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