Tesla: New Cybertruck in High Demand

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November 27, 2019—Tesla chief executive Elon Musk said in a tweet on Tuesday that the automaker had already received nearly 250,000 orders of its new, all-electric Cybertruck, according to a report

With an extremely angular design and a stainless steel "exoskeleton" look, the Cybertuck's design is a stark contrast from competitors. It serves as Tesla's effort to break into a market largely dominated by traditional automakers like Ford. 

Demand for Tesla's Cybertruck comes despite no advertising. Musk tweeted on Sunday that Tesla had received 187,000 orders for the truck, following with another tweet six hours later that they had reached 200,000 orders. However, the Washington Post reported that that number is a reflection of customer interest and not necessarily official sales, because Tesla preorders involve a $100 deposit that the OEM says is fully redeemable. 

The Cybertruck starts at $39,900 and the vehicle is said to have a charge of well over 250 miles, depending on the exact model.

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