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Best Workplaces

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The average American spends 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime (Source: Happiness at Work by Jessica Pryce-Jones). 

Ready for another alarming statistic? 

Eighty-seven percent of Americans have no passion for their jobs and 80 percent are outright dissatisfied (Source: Deloitte’s Shift Index Survey).

That can’t be said for the 117 respondents for Ratchet+Wrench’s inaguural Best Workplaces issue.  

“Reinforcing the belief that our work is valued and respected is at the heart of what we do.” 

“Our culture is centered on the principles of creating successful, happy employees.” 

“We treat, care and hold each other to the same level of accountability that you would see in a close-knit family.” 

This is just a random sample of what nominators had to say about their respective workplaces. 

More than 100 nominations were submitted by those in the industry. Employers and employees alike sounded off on their chosen workplaces, answering questions on what the business provides as far as training, community involvement, employee benefits, shop culture and professional development. To level the playing field based on resources, Ratchet+Wrench decided to have three different categories based on staff size: under 10, 10–25 and over 25. 

Narrowing the field down was difficult, to say the very least, but these three workplaces stood out as being purpose-driven, forward-thinking and people oriented. The picks for Best Workplaces know what matters to their employees, invest in their futures and provide the tools they need to succeed. Advanced Car Care Center, Fifth Gear Automotive and BG Automotive have found a way to make work—dare we say it?—enjoyable. 


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