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How They Did It: Changing the Perception

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No one enters the repair industry thinking it will be an easy job. 

Rightfully so, because it’s not. Repair is about fixing vehicles, but at its core, it is also about helping people. Cars are more than machines. They are part of our lives. 

Shop owners across the country already know this to be true. It’s why they do what they do. But shops carry a huge responsibility because of this. Not only are you servicing a vehicle, but you are servicing the people as well. 

Because every person is different, sometimes the approach needs to be different. This can be where issues begin to present themselves, and the gaps within the industry become clear. 

For example, young people are not as interested in pursuing a career in the trades as they once were, women statistically feel less comfortable as repair shop patrons and some customers can’t afford to safely repair their vehicles and fear being ripped off. 

Three shops are out to face each of these problems head-on, all while providing consistent and quality repair service. Operating a successful repair shop and contributing to the greater good is possible, and here’s how they did it. 


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How They Did It

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