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Leigh Anne Best, marketing director of Mighty Auto Pro in Medina, Ohio, and Ratchet+Wrench Editorial Advisory Board member is busy sanitizing keys. 

Even a week ago, that may have seemed crazy. But, adapting with the times is what good shop operators do, and the team at Mighty Auto Pro is adapting to an environment where people are now social distancing and doing whatever they can to protect themselves and those around them from the spread of COVID-19

Best remembered a product she heard of on Shark Tank, PhoneSoap that worked to sanitize phones and she decided to not only make a push to sanitize phones; she reached out to see if they would work on keys, too. Luckily, it does, so she had the idea to sanitize customer’s keys before and after the repair to help stop the spread of germs. To let her customers know the team was taking this precaution, she created a fun way to present it by showing how the keys are sanitized and then placing the keys in a bag with a branded message explaining the process.  

Best and Mighty Auto Pro is also offering its customers other options that will help them feel more comfortable coming in, such as:

  • Night and early bird drop-off
  • Lock boxes (good for after hours pickup)
  • Pick-up and delivery services 
  • Pay over the phone 




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