S/P2 Introduces First of 12 Sustainability Courses

July 20, 2016

July 20, 2016—S/P2 announced Tuesday that it will launch a 12-course package in October focusing on sustainable business practices for automotive repair facilities. 

The courses will provide information about the financial benefits of being environmentally friendly. In anticipation of the 12-course launch, S/P2 has added one of the courses, “Green Strategies: 10 Sustainability Measures Shops Can Tackle Today,” into its current S/P2 subscriptions at no additional cost. 

“It's exciting for us to do a pre-launch announcement and to provide one of the sustainability courses as a free value-add to our customers," said Kyle Holt, president of S/P2. "Shops have known about the environmental impact of sustainable practices for years now, but this is really about profit. Every dollar shop owners save by implementing green practices, or gain by marketing themselves as a green shop hits the bottom line.”

S/P2 created the courses in conjunction with the Green Car Challenge, an initiative to help automotive facilities receive government credits and matching funds for reducing their carbon footprint. Shops that enroll in the Green Car Challenge will receive a S/P2 subscription and access to the 12 sustainability courses. 

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