Green Planet's On Demand Hydrogen Generator Hits the Road

March 25, 2015

March 24, 2015—The AAQIS Inc., a subsidiary of Green Planet Group Inc. passed an important milestone in the road to commercialization of the company's On Demand Hydrogen Generator as the first on-the-road testing of this revolutionary product began Wednesday.  

In October 2014, Green Planet announced the results of dynamometer testing of the AAQIS Hydrogen Generator when applied to a gasoline-fueled 350 cubic inch V-8 engine. In that phase of testing, the AAQIS generator produced a 40-percent improvement in fuel efficiency and a reduction in exhaust emissions to very nearly zero. Wednesday, AAQIS initiated highway testing of the first production prototypes of the hydrogen generator on the first of two Ford F-150 trucks powered by 5.4 liter V-8 engines.

This technology utilizes the electricity generated by a vehicle's engine to break down water into its base elements, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. This "HHO" gas is then fed into the engine's air intake and mixed with fuel resulting in improved mileage and reduced emissions. 

"This is a very exciting day in our company's history," Ed Lonergan, Green Planet Group CEO, said. "We anticipate that our generator's performance on these first test vehicles will meet or exceed the results demonstrated in our dynamometer testing.  In addition to these metrics we are also closely monitoring the durability of our product.  These first test vehicles will be run on-road and off-road to challenge the design integrity and toughness of the generator and the related engine interface.  Within the next two weeks we will also begin product testing on off-road heavy equipment to further challenge the toughness of our design."

AAQIS management plans a 90-day test period of the HHO Generator, to be followed by final production product revisions and initiation of generator production, marketing and sales. Company management said in a release that is confident of the positive impact on the planet's dependence on petroleum-based fuels and hydrocarbon emissions.

"Consider this: It is estimated that the U.S. consumed more than 135 billion gallons of gasoline in 2014," Lonergan said. "If our on-the road testing of the AAQIS HHO Generator proves the reduction of gasoline consumption by the 40 percent delivered in our dyno testing, and every gas burning vehicle in the U.S. had one of our generators installed, we could cut gasoline use by more than 54 billion gallons, saving Americans over $130 billion in one year. By burning less fuel and producing less polluting exhaust, our AAQIS HHO Generator will deliver more savings and value to our customers and do more to reduce ozone-eating, lung-clogging hydrocarbon and particulate emissions."

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