Mitchell 1's Google ReScore Helps Shops Beat Bad Reviews

Aug. 9, 2022

New tool empowers shop owners to transform those not-so-great reviews into positive customer experiences.

Aug. 9, 2022—For shops concerned with poor reviews, Mitchell1 introduced its exclusive new tool Google ReScore, featured in its SocialCRM LocalSearch program, to help shops turn bad reviews into opportunities to rebuild customer relationships.

“Managing bad Google reviews is not about simply deleting the review; that doesn’t help anyone,” said Marcus Mackell, SocialCRM market manager, Mitchell 1 in a press release. “It’s about recognizing the customer’s concern, resolving it, and having the customer share that resolved experience with everyone ...” 

Shops can link to their Google My Business page through the SureCritic review service to respond to every Google review, even the bad ones, which they can send a ReScore request to the customer to get an updated review. Once updated, the new review replaces the bad review. 

“Online reviews not only help set the tone for a shop’s overall reputation, but they also affect the business revenue and search engine optimization (SEO),” said Mackell.

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