Several Automakers Recall a Total of Over 2.1M Vehicles

Nov. 7, 2023
Several recalls have been issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for more than 2.1 million vehicles.

Several recalls have been issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for more than 2.1 million vehicles, USA Today reports.

Toyota has recalled 1,853,568 of its 2013-2018 RAV4 SUVs due to certain replacement 12-volt batteries not properly fitting in the battery tray, potentially causing the battery to move, make contact with the hold-down bracket, and cause a short circuit.

Ford has recalled nearly 187,922 of its 2020-2023 Mustangs because of a faulty brake fluid level sensor not activating the visual warning indicator when fluid is low.

Chrysler recalled 97,066 of its 2022-2024 Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer SUVs as a result of the third-row seat belts not allowing passengers to access them or properly buckle them.

Mazda has recalled 11,903 of its 2024 CX-90 SUVs and Mazda3 compact vehicles due to a software error preventing the rearview, front, and/or side camera images from displaying.

Additionally, Mazda has also issued a recall for 4,252 of its 2024 CX-90 plug-in hybrid electric SUVs as a result of a software error causing the engine and electric motor to involuntarily shut down.

Kia recalled 6,262 of its 2015-2019 Soul EV compact cars because of a damaged parking mechanism, potentially leading to unexpected vehicle movement when the gear shift is in “park” and the emergency brake is not engaged while the vehicle is powered on.

Porsche has recalled 2,923 of its 2021-2023 911 Turbo S, 2022 911 Turbo, 2022-2023 911 GT3 Touring, 911 GT3, 911 Carrera 4 GTS, 2022-2024 911 Carrera GTS, 2023 911 GT3 RS, 911 Dakar, and 2024 911 Carrera T vehicles containing optional full bucket seats due to seat-mounted air bags deploying upon a collision when it isn’t necessary.

Nissan has recalled 988 of its 2023-2024 Nissan Z sports vehicles due to fasteners left-side front bumper reinforcement clip becoming loose and preventing the pop-up engine hood from functioning.

Finally, Subaru has recalled 49 of its 2024 Forester SUVs after it was found an engine water pipe may have loose attachment bolts, thereby causing the pipe to lose its seal and leak coolant.

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