How to Choose a Digital Vehicle Inspection App for your Shop

Aug. 30, 2019

The right DVI tool will offer maximum convenience and increase car count and ARO.

When Sarah Zwyghuizen, Service Advisor for Jamestown Automotive in Hudsonville, Mich., decided to up her shop’s game by bringing on a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) app, she had plenty of options to sort through, each with differing costs, integration considerations and customer benefits.

Zwyghuizen knew Jamestown Automotive needed a solution with key features such as transparency in customer communications and efficiency in the repair process. 

“I had heard of DVI app creating efficiencies for repair shops but I didn’t know which would be the best choice for our shop,” Zwyghuizen says. “We did some research to see what our options were. I took a look at a couple of back-end shop management systems including Mitchell1 and AllData. These were too costly for us as we’re an independent shop without lots of extra resources. We needed something cost-effective and comprehensive.” 

Zwyghuizen continued researching DVI solutions by conducting web searches and reading auto service industry publications. She came across an article in Ratchet + Wrench identifying Driveroo Inspector as a comprehensive, cost-effective DVI solution. Of course, there are a few DVI solutions in the market, but what caught her eye was how Driveroo facilitates inspections through a series of images and multiple choice questions right on the inspection device. With Driveroo Inspector, the technician just taps on the image of the item to be inspected, answers a few simple questions and has the ability to add photos and voice comments. This creates a viewable report that can easily be sent to customers via text or email, eliminating the need for the client to get to the shop to view the areas of needed repair. 

“Driveroo checked all the boxes for the needed functionality and the price point was a no-brainer,” says Zwyghuizen.

The transparency Driveroo Inspector provides throughout the repair process streamlines and accelerates customer approvals. Driveroo Inspector is supported by Turbographics Technology, which allows Driveroo to quickly and conveniently facilitate the inspection through a series of images and multiple choice questions. Having the ability to show the customer actual photos of areas in need of repair by sending a report directly to the customer’s mobile phone via text or email makes a quantitative difference in the number of vehicles able to be serviced and increased Average Repair Orders (AROs). 

Since integrating Driveroo Inspector, Zwyghuizen’s shop has benefited from increased monthly car counts and AROs as well as happier customers.“Sales are up, especially on maintenance services. I’m not a pushy sales person so the predictive and scheduled maintenance info has been great for us. Driveroo has definitely increased the AROs.”

Another benefit is the sense of trust that the transparency provided by the app brings to the customer relationship. Zwyghuizen says, “The visibility is very important for customers to see what the technicians are seeing, especially with new customers. Often times there are trust issues resulting from bad experiences from a previous repair at another shop and we are now able to get ahead of that.” 

When asked about how the customers have responded to the shop using Driveroo, Zwyghuizen explains, “The app is really customer driven and customers have absolutely loved it. They feel like they are part of the process. Seeing is believing. The Green, Yellow, and Red colored results really drive customer decisions. Gearheads really like seeing the pictures—they love seeing inside their vehicles. It’s also great because they can pay before or after shop hours.”

Driveroo is a fully loaded DVI solution at a cost-effective price point. The app can quickly and  easily be integrated into back-end shop management system such as AllData or Mitchell1, and can also serve as a standalone DVI solution for any service shop.

Try a free demo of the Driveroo Inspector mobile application with Turbographics Technology today.

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