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Jan. 4, 2019—Driveroo, the proactive auto care service platform, introduced Driveroo Inspector, a mobile application that enables auto repair shops to facilitate better communications with customers by quickly capturing data about the condition of a vehicle and identifying potential issues.

According to a survey from AAA, two out of three US drivers do not trust auto repair shops because of overcharges, recommendations for unnecessary service, and poor past experience.

Driveroo Inspector provides the necessary insight for drivers and service shops to make better decisions. Using Driveroo’s TurboGraphics technology, Driveroo Inspector facilitates the inspection through a series of images and multiple choice questions available on any smartphone or tablet. The technician simply taps on the TurboGraphics image of the item to be inspected, walks through a series of easy-to-answer questions, and adds relevant photos and voice-to-text comments. Repair recommendations are communicated to the service advisor, and shared with the customer for review via text or email.

“At City Auto Supply, (a federated group distributor), we hold great pride in differentiating ourselves from the typical parts store/distributor as we are always on the lookout for new technologies that help drive more business to our service station and fleet repair customers,” said City Auto Supply general manager, Shao Dyi. “By partnering with Driveroo, we have been able to identify the demand of parts on a customer-by-customer scenario and ensure that each of these customers have those parts readily available.”

Driveroo uses machine learning to determine the likelihood of specific maintenance issues, based on the type of car and its specific history. The company partners with a network of local BAR licensed, ASE-certified auto service shops to provide mechanical inspections and all necessary maintenance and repairs.

Driveroo currently serves used car dealers, managers of short-haul delivery services and virtual fleets, car/ride sharing services, and other businesses that need to maintain multiple vehicles. 

“Driveroo Inspector is the first mobile app designed specifically to help auto repair shops improve the inspection process,” said Leo Sigal, chief executive officer, founder of Driveroo. “Generating a customer report complete with photos helps auto repair shops to gain customer confidence and build trust. Driveroo Inspector not only expedites the inspection, it often increases the average value of the repair order in the process.”

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