Mitchell 1 Updates Manager SE Software

Aug. 11, 2015

Aug. 11, 2015—Mitchell 1 announced on Monday the release of its Manager SE shop management system, version 6.6.

The company said that the new release contains dozens of enhancements, fixes and refinements based on customer feedback that will streamline operations.

“Manager SE version 6.6 is the culmination of work done by a very dedicated team at Mitchell 1,” said John Dwulet, senior product manager for Mitchell 1. “This version is a game-changer for users, with time-saving features that will help everyone in the shop work more efficiently. We have already heard from some of the early adopters and beta testers that these new features will save them hours every week. That is exactly the goal of our product development process.”

The latest enhancements are designed to deliver increased time savings and convenience for the user. Feedback from customers is collected from several sources, including the Manager Forum discussion board, customer meetings and focus groups, and the Mitchell 1 client services teams who have daily contact with customers.

Highlights of the latest version include the ability to transfer multiple canned jobs to an order at one time, customizable names for revisions, and improvements to the vehicle history screen that give shop managers more information about posted invoices at a glance.

Other key enhancements include:

  • Ability to give revised estimates a descriptive name by double clicking the text on the revisions tab
  • The last eight characters of the VIN number display on the order screen, making them quickly accessible and easier to read
  • Users can now more quickly set the desired profit margin for a part when setting the sale price for the part
  • The invoice and counter sale screens now include balance-at-a-glance, making this information immediately visible
  • Hazmat services may be sold and taxed as a part
  • Nearly two dozen reports and invoice templates have been updated to include user-requested content

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