Road America Deepens Partnership with RepairPal

Aug. 5, 2019

The RepairPal Certified Network is now fully integrated into Road America Service offering. 

August 5, 2019 – For more than a year, Road America, a provider of roadside assistance and driver benefit programs, has been connecting customers with the convenience and peace-of-mind offered by RepairPal. The RepairPal Certified Network is comprised of highly trained mechanics working within RepairPal Certified auto repair facilities that meet exacting standards for quality of work, fair pricing and excellent customer service. Road America has now completed its nationwide integration of 2,450 high-quality auto shops within its roadside assistance packages, creating end-to-end excellence for Road America customers. 

“We have broadened our mission to consider the entire customer lifecycle,” says Juan Santiago, assistant director of innovation & project at Road America. “This means delivering solutions for our customers that meet their needs without the frustrations that often accompany the car repair process.” 

Research conducted by RepairPal reveals that two in three consumers find auto repair facilities untrustworthy, while 86 percent of consumers seek advice from family and friends to choose a repair shop. 

“RepairPal offers our drivers the certainty of a safe and trustworthy local shop that delivers great repairs at reasonable prices, backed by at least a one-year warranty, which is critical for cars no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty,” said Santiago. 

Using RepairPal is simple. Drivers covered by Road America can either search for RepairPal Certified Shops and/or use the RepairPal Fair Price EstimatorTM for needed repairs. Both tools are available online at or by calling Road America’s assistance number. 

To become RepairPal Certified, shops first must go through a rigorous approval process in which RepairPal Master Mechanics evaluate each shop for mechanic experience and training, sophistication of tools, quality of parts and more. Second, shops must offer at least a 12- month/12,000-mile warranty on repairs and services, excluding minor maintenance and wear items such as oil changes or brake pads. Third, RepairPal conducts a comprehensive survey of verified shop customers, allowing only shops with the highest levels of customer satisfaction into its network. 

The RepairPal Fair Price Estimator is a robust database that provides a price range for hundreds of repairs on nearly every car built since 1990, with costs customized by geographic location of repairs and the type of repair. RepairPal Certified Shops agree to honor the price ranges quoted in the Fair Price Estimator, so customers can be confident they are paying a reasonable price for quality work. 

“Our goal is to protect customers in the uncomfortable moment when their car needs a repair, especially when it requires them to contact their roadside assistance provider for help,” said Kathleen Long, vice president/general manager of shop & partner networks at RepairPal. “We’re delighted to work closely with a company as committed to customer excellence as Road America to ensure their roadside customers receive exceptional repairs at fair prices.” 

“Road America has long believed that the greatest service we provide is peace of mind for whatever is on the road ahead,” offers Santiago. “RepairPal helps us fulfill our promise to get drivers back on the road as safely, quickly, and now, as fairly as possible.” 

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