Boom Mat’s 2mm Dampening Material Now Available

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Aug. 3, 2015—Boom Mat announced on Friday that its new premium peel and stick 2mm automotive dampening material is available.

The new 2mm dampening material is designed to reduce low frequency noise typical of structure borne vibrations with less material coverage, reducing weight, material cost and installation time. Noise from the road, engine and vibration noise can be reduced dramatically when the material is applied to floorboards, firewalls, door skins and overhead interior roof panels.

The dampening material is constructed of a viscoelastic polymer layer with an aluminum panel-stiffening skin. It is applied easily to most horizontal, vertical and inverted automotive surfaces without sagging or separation, and is recommended for use in any area with contours or bends that could benefit from vibration reductions.

To learn more about Boom Mat’s 2mm Dampening Material, visit the company’s website

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