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6 Things More Shops Should Know about Social Media

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Social Media Must-Dos

Every auto shop needs to be active on social media. Sadly, many auto shops don’t even have a website, much less a social media presence. It’s time to dig deep into your business model and decide what your real goals are if you plan to generate new customers. Most of us, (you and your staff included) are socially active.

Here are six persuasive reasons to spend more time on social media.


1. Facebook is your friend.

Facebook is the absolute best social media website. They have more than two billion users! Assuming your customer isn’t a member of the “blue hair club,” they’re probably one of them.

Facebook is a fantastic asset. You can encourage customers to “like” your page. Also, you can promote specials on specific services without spending any money on advertising. What a deal!


2. Twitter is less necessary.

I personally enjoy Twitter, but you probably won’t see as much of an ROI from your efforts . There are 328 million Twitter users. Big number? Sure, but it’s less than one-sixth of Facebook’s reach.

Twitter isn’t as great for businesses here unless you're using keywords to nano target the person tweeting in your area and you’re responding in nanoseconds. On Facebook, customers can leave a review of your shop. That’s a big win for social proof! Twitter doesn’t offer that functionality. If you only want to learn one social media platform, stick with Facebook.


3. People don’t want to be bored.

Social media users aren’t interested in sales pitches. They’re more interested in connecting with the people and places they care about. If you only post statuses about your “oil change special,” expect people to hide your updates.

Find more interesting ways to build your brand. If you do body work, maybe you could share some impressive before/after pictures. “Here’s how this car looked after a horrible wreck… and now she looks as good as new!” You can also highlight members of your crew to build a more personal connection. Share a picture of a technician with a few fun facts and a favorite quote.


4. Building a presence takes time.

Don’t be impatient. You can’t post one or two status updates and expect a miracle to happen. Engaging with your followers will require some time and effort. So if you post one status and nobody cares enough to “like” it, don’t give up. Shrug it off and try something else.


5. One-on-one connections matter.

Posting status updates is more efficient than sending private messages. That said, the latter can create a deeper and longer lasting connection. Message at least ten of your Facebook friends daily. Don’t complicate it. Just mention you wanted to say “hi” and see how things are going.

After a friend updates you about their life, they’ll probably ask you the same question. This is your opportunity. Feel free to disclose as many personal details as you desire. Afterwards, say: “All is good with work. I’m running an auto shop at (city/street name). It feels nice to get people back on the road!”

Don’t go for the hard sale. You’re merely planting a seed that might bloom in the near future. Everyone in your social network should know what you do for a living. If you have these kinds of conversations with enough people, it will benefit your repair shop. You’ll become the first person your friends think of when their car requires service. Boom!


6. A good reputation can sell itself.

This is an extension of the previous point. You want to become “the guy (or gal)” for auto repair in your social network. To become an expert, you must prove your talent in the public realm.

At least once a week (and no more than five), share a short-and-sweet tip about auto repair or safe driving. Experiment with text-only updates, statuses that contain a relevant photograph, and videos. Pay attention to interaction and adjust in the direction of whatever is most effective.

If you’re consistent for a few weeks, people will begin to associate your name with auto repair. When they see a friend ask for auto shop recommendations, you’ll be the one who gets tagged. It’s not hard to see how this might have a positive effect on your auto shop’s bottom-line, right?

Social media is too powerful to pass up. If you agree, share this article with every auto professional you know. They’ll thank you later.

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