Snap-on Introduces ECKO Remote Locking System

Sept. 21, 2015

Sept. 21, 2015—On Thursday, Snap-on announced its new Snap-on ECKO Remote Locking System as a factory install for the EPIQ series roll cabs. The Locking System provides innovative, hassle-free tool protection.

“A busy day in the shop might include test drives or even a quick run to the auto supply store, so taking preventative measures to keep tools secure makes sense,” says Scott Amundson, product manager of tool storage for Snap-on. “Snap-on knows tools are an essential part of our customers’ livelihood. This means high quality security for a valuable tool inventory is not an option, it’s often a necessity. We designed ECKO for techs to provide extra protection for some of their most-prized possessions.”

The ECKO system, equipped with a pocket-sized remote, arms and disarms the EPIQ with the push of a button from anywhere in the shop.

“The EPIQ already features a tubular key with a tamper-proof collar and an interchangeable core for easy key uniformity, but ECKO is the extra step that comes in handy when techs are on-the-go throughout the workday. Because ECKO is factory-installed, our customers can protect their tool storage warranty, which might otherwise be compromised with the installation of a third-party remote locking system,” said Amundson.

ECKO includes two keys fobs and two regular keys. It provides a volume-controlled, distinguishable audio alert on the roll cab to notify techs when it is armed and disarmed. The key fob has a range of up to 75 feet, unobstructed, and is powered by a standard fob battery for easy replacement. For added convenience, one roll cab can pair with two different key fobs or one key fob can be paired to multiple tool storage units.

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