U.S. States and Cities with Highest, Lowest Auto Repair Costs

April 3, 2024
States like California hold the highest costs in the nation, with states like Vermont offering lower prices.

A study from NetCredit looked at what U.S. states and cities have the highest and lowest repair costs.

In recent months, repair costs have risen by 20% year-over-year, and over six times the rate of inflation. The rising price of new vehicles has also pushed more Americans towards maintaining used vehicles, meaning more repairs.

Using RepairPal’s estimator tool, NetCredit pulled local cost estimates for ten common car repairs across the country, using a 2021 Honda Accord as its test vehicle.

When looking at U.S. cities, San Francisco stood out as having the highest premium for repairs, ranking at 21.92% above the national average. On the other hand, Amarillo, Texas, was found to be 19.54% below the national average, making it the most affordable city for repairs.

California as a whole has repair costs 12.17% above the national average, and Hawaii ranked 11.89% above the national average, making the two states the most expensive regions. Hot, dry air and dust are credited with creating more wear on vehicles in these states.

The states with the lowest repair costs were Vermont, at 18.49% below the national average; Wyoming, at 18.82% below average; and West Virginia, at 18.97% below average.

In Vermont specifically, a new law has been implemented to control repair costs. The Commissioner of Financial Regulation investigates local parts, repair, and insurance prices to ensure a balance between costs.

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