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Strong leadership consists of several essential attributes other than one’s personal fitness level, but being healthy and physically fit can have an incredibly strong connection to both our happiness and our ability to lead more effectively. 

The busier you are, the more important it is to find time to workout. Many CEO’s of some of the most important publicly-traded companies in the world rely on strenuous exercise to give them the energy and resilience needed to run their companies. These leaders create time out of their busy schedules to exercise because they know how crucial a role exercise plays in achieving success. 

You, too, should make time to exercise. We may not run a Fortune 500 company, but it sure can feel that way at times. We need our bodies to remain healthy and to serve us for decades, rather than plague us. Apart from our bodies being healthy, it is the mental strength that we gain that will change our lives forever. Invest in yourself. Start moving. Create a habit. Never look back. This can be one of the very best investments you can make in yourself. 

Here are five reasons a healthy mind and body are a few of the many qualities that make up a great leader: 

1. Higher Energy & Productivity

Exercise will give you more energy throughout the day. It will make your day more productive and it will make your brain stronger in the long term. Leading your shop is challenging enough so you need all the energy you can get in order to pour into your people. 

2. Better Mental Clarity

Mental clarity is one of the most important aspects of being a great leader. Our mental and physical wellness is imperative to effectively inspire our teams and drive our businesses forward, especially in our fast-paced shop environments. Studies have demonstrated that exercise provides many brain-boosting benefits such as greater creativity, a sharper memory, a stronger ability to focus, and higher mental stamina and endurance which are all attributes that will allow us to be better business leaders day-in and day-out. 

3. Better Equipped to Face Challenges

An important reason for exercising is to push oneself further than what was thought possible. To really make a difference in this business, you must be willing to come out of your comfort zone. You will never grow if you stay locked in what you find comfortable. One of the best ways to create a larger comfort zone is by pushing oneself physically so that what you once thought was impossible, becomes your new-found normal. Whenever you do this, you grow mentally stronger. Mental toughness is crucial for success in our industry and a shop owner who has plenty of it has a better chance of achieving their goals. 

4. Increased Happiness

It has been conclusively proven that exercise releases endorphins, the natural feel-good chemical in our bodies, allowing those who exercise to generally feel happier throughout the day. Exercise also helps to lower stress by pushing all of the stressful events from the day all the way to the back of the mind and even into forgetfulness. 

5. Setting the Right Example

Physical fitness shows determination and commitment. True leaders always lead from the front. It is therefore important for every leader to maintain a high level of discipline. Being physically fit is a prerequisite to upholding proper discipline and self-control. A person who maintains a healthy level of fitness demonstrates that they can set personal goals and hold themselves accountable. 


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