Callahan: Stop Time Bandits from Stealing Your Productivity

July 23, 2024
Every auto repair shop owner wants a productive shop floor, but these three thieves of time could be slowing your team down.

Broski: When Educating Customer on Repairs, Tell—and Show!

July 18, 2024
When given the opportunity and audience to explain and demonstrate a repair to a customer, take it!

Bennett: The Four Key Elements to Emotional Intelligence and a High-Performing Shop 

July 12, 2024
There is a difference between IQ and EQ. One makes you a smart leader, the other makes you a complete leader.

Saeli: Change is inevitable. Learn to Welcome it! 

July 5, 2024
Change is a constant in business and life. Those who embrace the challenge of change can create a more sustainable shop culture.

Jones: Whatever You Do, Do You

July 1, 2024
Knowing your customers and your purpose is paramount to staying focused and finding success.

Hayes: Inspecting Vehicles with Pit Crew Speed & Efficiency

June 28, 2024
In his first column for Ratchet+Wrench, Todd Hayes discusses how shop owners can use a team approach to inspect vehicles faster.

Silverstein: Motivation: What Gets Your Motor Running? 

June 24, 2024
Is your business motivated by an internal desire to succeed, or a fear of failure and falling behind?

Callahan: Don't Whine, Refine

June 17, 2024
Slow times happen and economic uncertainty is cyclical. Use this time to check your processes and prepare for growth.

Bennett: 4 Ways Your Shop Can Adapt to Consumer Trends in 2024 

June 14, 2024
As consumers continue to feel the pinch, auto repair shop owners should adhere to these best practices to help customers.