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“Video killed the radio star.”

Well, video killed far more than that. As one of the most popular and effective forms of media, videos have become a key form of marketing. In fact, videos are a consumer’s favorite type of content to see from a brand on social media. These are the same consumers viewing your shop’s website and socials. 

Shop owners, including Dave Toole of Toole’s Garage in San Carlos and Valley Springs, Calif., have been successfully taking advantage of video marketing for years. Outside resources have also popped up to assist business owners in creating videos to attract both customers and employees, including Kukui. 


A True Picture

Toole posted his first shop video in mid December, 2010. The catalyst? The desire to reveal what was “behind the curtains” to customers. In an industry sometimes clouded by negative stereotypes, Toole wanted to present a better image of not only his shop, but auto repair in general.  

“I wanted to highlight that repair shops could be professional environments⁠—clean and organized,” he says. 

According to Toole, videos, if done properly, give viewers the sense of who you are, are less salesy than other forms of marketing, and are more focused on reality. 

Throughout the 10 years he has been making marketing videos for Toole’s Garage, he has been able to optimize his process and gain popularity with those within his community and across the country.   


Covering the Bases

Toole’s first videos were filmed on a cell phone and posted directly onto YouTube. He then moved to filming on a camera, with fully edited shots. And around three years ago, he began to use a contracted videographer. 

He says that working with his videographer has helped him with the storytelling aspect of his videos as well as improved the quality.  

Toole films a variety of video types for an hour every week⁠—from informative clips to more personable and fun videos. Then, he will post a new video every day of the week, depending on the platform. For Facebook, the videos are social and fun; for Instagram, cool is the goal, with behind the scene videos; and for the business side of social media, LinkedIn, each video is just that, “biz” tips.

This dedication to marketing through video has aided in Toole’s Garage’s growth and recognition. 

“Customers are always intrigued because they don’t know our world,” he says. “And these videos help to make our industry more transparent.’  


Calling in an Expert

Whether you have been filming your own videos as long as Toole, or you are interested in releasing your debut, outside help can be found through Kukui. In order to help other shop owners master the video marketing sphere and uptain growth, the trusted all-in-one platform has rolled out Kukui Shop Videos.

Kukui Shop Videos shoots your videos on-site at your shop using their nationwide crew of videographers. Once back in the studio, the editing team will produce three separate professional videos, a shop value and showcase video, a customer testimonial, and an employee recruitment video. Finally, your videos will be uploaded to your website, optimizing their placement to increase conversation. 

Not only will these videos draw back the curtains to your business and invite in both customers and future technicians alike, they can actively serve as a positive visual representation of the repair industry as a whole. 



If you would like to learn more about Kukui, visit or call (877) 695-6008


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