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Self Assessment: Auto Repair Partnerships

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Smart partnerships can change your business for the better. They can streamline processes, reduce costs, boost profits, bring your auto repair shop to a wider audience, and help you grow by leaps and bounds. On the other hand, not all partnerships are worth pursuing.

If your partnership is not a two-way street, you may be getting taken advantage of.


Generally, there are three types of partnership situations:

  1. Mutually beneficial: everybody wins
  2. Lopsided: One partner wins, the other loses
  3. Mutually harmful: Both partners are worse off

A mutually beneficial partnership is the only one worth pursuing and keeping. But sometimes it can be challenging to know exactly what kind of arrangement you might find yourself in with any given partnership. The best way to mitigate any risk of entering or staying in a harmful partnership is to consider all sides of the arrangement and assess the partnership as a whole.

To assess all aspects of your current partnerships, or to determine whether or not a partnership you’re considering will be mutually beneficial, Tekmetric has put together an Auto Repair Partnership Accountability Self Assessment.


Here's how to use this assessment:

The assessment questions are in bold text on the following pages. They are thought-provoking questions you may want to ask yourself about the partnership.

Below the questions, we included typical answers or responses you may have. Remember, some questions are more open-ended than others, so the answers might not always be a clear “yes” or “no”.

The "Guidance" section provides helpful tips and deeper thoughts to help you think through certain aspects of your partnership.

We hope these guiding questions help you grow your business and enter strong, sustainable relationships with accountable and trustworthy partners.


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