AAA Research Shows Issues With AVs

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Aug. 10, 2020—AAA automotive researchers found that advanced driving assistance systems may be more trouble than they are worth. A recent study found that over the course of 4,000 miles of real-world driving with ADAS-equipped vehicles, an issue occurred, on average, every eight miles. 

A prevalent issue during the course of the study was unexpected disengagement of ADAS features, specifically in vehicles that combine acceleration with braking and steering. Researchers also noted instances of trouble with the systems keeping the vehicles tested in their lane, and coming too close to other vehicles or guardrails. 

Greg Brannon, director of automotive engineering and industry relations for AAA, said, “Active driving assistance systems are designed to assist the driver and help make the roads safer, but the fact is, these systems are in the early stages of their development."

A perhaps surprising finding in AAA’s 2020 automated vehicle survey was that only one in 10 drivers would trust riding in a self-driving car.

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