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Sept. 15, 2020—A story was uncovered recently by East Idaho News as part of the publication's Feel Good Friday series, a weekly edition of feel-good news and random acts of kindness, about an Idaho mechanic that went above and beyond for a traveler that needed his help.

According to a letter sent in by an anonymous source, a traveler from California, Shelly, was driving through Rexburg, Idaho, on Labor Day when she got into a car crash. Thankfully, there were no injuries, but the front of her car was smashed in, headlights were broken, and radiator fluid was running into the street.

Shelly was six hours away from her hometown in Montana. An unnamed friend of Shelly's knew who to call instantly: Rick Hill. Hill, owner of Over the Hill Auto Repair in Rexburg, paid $200 to tow her vehicle back to his shop, ordered $600 in parts to be delivered by 5 p.m., and booked and paid $70 for a room in a nearby hotel for Shelly.

The letter sent by Shelly's anonymous friend says Hill stayed late in the shop to fix up the car and texted at 12:40 a.m. to say it was finished. He replaced the radiator, headlights, and the condensation tubes to ensure she had air conditioning. Shelly was thankful beyond words, and with Hill's help, was able to make it home safely.


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