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For Roy Foster, owner of Roy Foster’s in Reno, Nev., when it came to road trips, it was all about the destination and not the journey—until close to 20 years ago when a road trip with the bishop of his church changed his perspective.

Foster and his bishop were chaperoning their kid’s school trip and drove separately alongside the bus. During the trip from Reno to Santa Cruz, Calif., Foster says they stopped “at least six times” to help people alongside the road that were having car trouble. Even more surprising? Foster’s bishop didn’t actually know anything about cars; he just wanted to extend help.

“It’s a lesson on selflessness. Doing for others and paying it forward,” Foster says. “All of a  sudden, time wasn’t important. It was all about being in the moment and helping someone.” 

That trip forever changed Foster’s outlook on leadership and what it meant for him to be an effective leader. Twenty years later, the experience is still top of mind for him. 

“I’m happy we didn’t blow by those people—it’s been a lesson,” Foster says. 

 Leadership means taking the time to help others, not shouting demands. It’s all about paying it forward and inspiring others. By doing this, you’ll have people that want to follow you, not people that feel required to carry out your demands. 

There are many other shop owners that have had realizations that have led them to becoming a more successful leader. Mixed in with insight from the 2020 Ratchet+Wrench Industry Survey data, shop owners and leadership experts share their most important rule for being an effective leader. Here are the 7 laws of leadership.

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