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You’ve made it to a new year and chances are, you’ve got some specific goals in mind. And why not? New years are all about fresh starts and resolutions, right? 

You’re optimistic, you’ve learned from the last 12 months (and the many more that came before), you’re ready to jump in and get started. This is the year you’ll finally go paperless, or set up your succession plan, or invest in the latest tech, or master your marketing strategy—right after you’ve returned those calls, answered emails, set appointments, wrapped up your research, and on and on. 

In the rush of day-to-day shop life, it’s easy to lose focus. Plans change, deadlines come and go, roadblocks emerge, and suddenly, you’re back where you started. 

To inspire and motivate shop owners setting their own goals, the Ratchet+Wrench team checked in with four master goal-setters with big plans in 2021. Whether pushing for profit growth, prepping for retirement or training for a milestone staff transition, the shop owners profiled in the following pages have set clear sights for the year ahead and shored up a game plan to match.

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