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Could A Specialty Be Your Next Profit Center?

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Built-in Base 

The customer base for your new specialty could already be sitting right under your nose. 

Calculating the potential ROI of a new specialty could be as simple as reviewing your shop’s core customer base with the relationships you’ve already built ready to be tapped in new ways 

“In thinking of jobs a shop has had to turn down or work they’ve had to farm out to another shop or the additional vehicles they know their customers have, those could be natural avenues to specialties with an established customer relationship already baked in,” says Lang. 

Christenson’s decision to expand to European vehicles was bolstered by the knowledge that his existing customers could start to bring in their other cars. 

Same goes for Paul Garrett, owner of YHS Automotive Service Center in Katy, Texas, who originally opened his shop in 2013 to service Hondas and Acuras but expanded his services to meet the needs of his loyal clientele. 

“I was starting to build some strong relationships with my clients and I know it can be hard for some customers to trust repair shops, so they started coming to me with jobs I normally would not have taken,” Garrett says. “They’d come in with so many questions like ‘My daughter has a fill in the blank. Can you fix it?’and it was so hard to tell them no, especially in a win-win situation like that. They’re working with someone they trust and we’re tapping a new part of our customer base we hadn’t been reaching.”

And for Crowley, he and his team at C&J saw the payoff for their work to master hybrids early on as their customers who originally brought in gas motor vehicles could now bring in their Priuses and Ford Fusions. Now, as some of those same customers begin to bring in Teslas as well, the shop is ready and prepared to keep that work in-house. 

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