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Tackle Burnout as a Team

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Burnout usually doesn’t happen in a bubble. While the impacts of burnout are usually approached on a personal, individual level, the chances that a stressed and overwhelmed employee's lack of energy and drive will impact the rest of the team is high. 

One person’s experience with burnout could put stress on his or her coworkers, or be a precursor to a larger issue likely to burn the rest of the team out with time. 

To stay ahead of the curve and explore some strategies to tackle burnout from a team approach, check out these helpful reads.

Motivating Yourself and Your Staff for Success

A lack of motivation can have a clear trickle down effect. Rick White, president and head coach of 180Biz, shares five steps for motivating owners and, in turn, their staff, to better improve overall success.

What Happens When Teams Fight Burnout TogetherHarvard Business Review

The problem with workplace burnout is that it can be rooted in the mindset that more, bigger and faster is always better, creating an unrelenting pressure. See how this team rallied together to build more rest and renewal into their lives to combat burnout, and the experiment's surprising results.

How To Take Yourself And Your Team From Burnout To Balance Forbes 

Simply addressing burnout can be half as effective as creating a highly engaged culture in the organization. While creating engaged an organization is difficult, and many organizations have tried and failed, addressing burnout can be more straightforward.

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