Zoox Unveils Amazon’s First Robotaxi

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Dec. 17, 2020—Zoox, a self-driving car company acquired by Amazon earlier this year, has officially unveiled its robotaxi model, reports The Verge.

The all-electric four-wheel autonomous vehicle is just 3.63 meters long, seats four and has the ability to drive both forward and backward, and side to side (“bi-directionally"). The vehicle's also been designed to handle precise maneuvers like U-turns and provides a 270-degree field of view at each corner to eliminate blind spots, among other safety features. 

With a 133kWh battery pack (slightly larger than the packs that currently power Tesla vehicles) that can last for 16 hours and the ability to travel up to 75 mph, the vehicle could become the cornerstone of Amazon's first autonomous ride-hailing service.


Photo: Zoox

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