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Find Fresh Motivation When Burnout Hits

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When burnout takes its toll it can hit you all at once. Suddenly the doable feels insurmountable and your energy and motivation tank as you watch even the simplest of tasks begin to pile up. 

Even worse? The all too critical motivation you need to help push past that proverbial wall is the very thing you’re likely lacking—just one of the many insults to injury burnout can leave in its wake. 

So how can you tap a new mindset to move forward and prepare to bounce back? We’ve gathered ideas from a few trusted outlets to help inspire new motivation and get you back in action. 

How to Motivate Employees Individually for Better Results

"Management guru” and Quality Automotive and Smog shop operator Bill Greeno shares his key tips in how to carry out motivation daily as a part of a shop's core culture. 

5 Brain Hacks to Boost Your Motivation

According to Entrepreneur, research finds we're wired to have two types of motivation, but the secret is knowing how to tap into both types to overcome procrastination and be more proactive. — Entrepreneur

How to Find Motivation Based on Your Individual Work Style

Everyone has their own workstyle and the factors that inspire and motivate us are bound to come together in our own unique personal chemistry. A breakdown of these four motivation styles can be a start in understanding what motivates you and how to kick your personal drive into high gear. —Fast Company 

Motivation Is A Muscle: The 7 Best Ways To Substantially Increase Your Productivity

Just like you'd exercise any other muscle, this article makes the case for strengthening your ability to tap into motivation with a direct regular routine. — Forbes

How to Keep Working When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Keeping ourselves motivated through a task, long-term project or the pursuit of a full lifelong career mission can be a daunting slog. These four tactics can help propel you forward, no matter the goal.  — Harvard Business Review

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