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SHOP STATS: DeBoer's Auto Location: Hamburg, N.J.  Owner: Bill DeBoer  Average Monthly Car Count: 132 
Staff Size: 6 (2 technicians, 1 owner, 1 writer, 1 parts manager, 1 marketing assistant)  Number of lifts: Shop Size: 3,000 square feet  Annual Revenue: $645,000 

Fresh Faced

For Bill DeBoer, owner of DeBoer’s Auto, curb appeal is never an afterthought.

In 2000, DeBoer set a full facelift in motion, transforming the then drab, faded cinderblock building with a stucco exterior, mansard roof and plenty of pops of color. And from signage, to landscaping, to outdoor decor, he’s made a point of refreshing the shop’s look every few years since.

Most recently, DeBoer mocked up ideas for a new trim, landing on an orange that nods to the shop’s Dutch heritage after a vote from the  shop’s Facebook fans.

Zen Zone

DeBoer and his team have been hands on in creating a comfortable space for customers inside as well.

His technicians helped build a DIY wood backdrop with the creative use of remnant hardwood flooring to warm up and section off the shop’s reception area, while his manager drew from a love for renovation and design to help pick color schemes, art and more.

To create a relaxed atmosphere, shop furniture was intentionally sourced from a supplier popular with spas, and customer amenities like a complimentary coffee bar were added.

A Clear Vision

DeBoer is diligent in keeping the shop’s online appearance up to date as well. Upgrades made at the shop are promptly documented and used to refresh the shop’s marketing materials to keep the shop’s virtual and in-person experience in line.

DeBoer jokes that with regular shop upgrades, photo shoots have become an annual event.

“If you’re trying to put your best foot forward, you don’t want customers seeing things that don’t reflect the brand anymore, especially when those are materials they’re seeing before they’ve even walked through the door.”

Eye on Expansion

DeBoer continues to add to the small shop with overall plans for growth.

He bought an office building across the street where he shoots the shop’s video content and holds leadership meetings, training sessions, and more, but DeBoer also has space to build.

A move away from used car sales a few years back provides the shop with a plethora of parking space today and potential to expand in the near future.

“We’ve got plenty of space to work with,” he says. “It’s an asset that lets us be in the driver’s seat and gives us options in how we want to grow.”

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