Shop Boss Launches Dashboard for Metric Management

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Technology is constantly improving and updating in vehicles, meaning drivers will crave to understand how their supercomputers-on-wheels work—which is where your shop comes into the picture.

Feb. 3, 2021—Shop Boss, a shop management solution for independent auto repair shops, announced the launch of BOSS Board, a business intelligence dashboard designed to give shop owners access to real-time metrics and reporting in a customizable interface, according to a press release. 

Among several new features, the BOSS Board includes customizable organization and reporting.

“Our customers said they wanted an easy, intuitive way to understand how their business is doing at a glance. Pulling reports and converting to spreadsheets takes time and energy, and must be repeated over and over,” Chris Boshaw, Shop Boss CEO and founder, said in a statement. “We listened and responded with BOSS Board, which will revolutionize shop management with industry-leading reporting and analytics capabilities, showing both current data as well as historical trends.”

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