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BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, a leader in providing innovative technology solutions for the automotive industry for more than a decade continues to shift even more shops into high gear with NextGear—a product that allows any automotive professional to tap into the game-changing digital vehicle inspection (DVI), customer communication, advanced appointment scheduling and payment tools without the need for a compatible management system. 

With NextGear’s DVI technology and two-way texting capabilities, techs can send detailed inspection reports with photos, videos and tech notes to vehicle owners in real-time right to their tablet or smartphone—with no additional hardware required. 

When customers see proof of recommended services, they’re more likely to approve these services quickly, so shops can spend less time waiting to work on vehicles, and more time actually doing the work. The result is an increase in average repair orders, customer trust and shop productivity.
But the experience doesn’t end there. Once repairs are complete, vehicle owners can use BOLT ON’s Text To Pay feature to securely pay for their services right from their mobile devices—saving time and speeding up the checkout process. 

It will even let shops schedule the customer’s next appointment before they leave—including all of a vehicle’s routine maintenance and recommended repairs. So shops will always know what’s on their schedule, and so will their customers—setting both up for success.

NextGear currently has four additional add-ons (or gears) and BOLT ON is gearing up for more. So stay tuned.

For more information, visit or call 610.910.8120.

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