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Launching a business solo is no easy feat, but finding a talented and trusted partner who can help you grow and expand that business is an odyssey all its own.

As Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters outline in Rocket Fuel, some of the most successful ventures in modern history have stemmed from collaboration between two key complementary roles: the visionary (those who concept big picture ideas and solutions) and the integrator (those who organize and execute the tasks needed to carry out those ideas). Titans like Walt Disney and Ray Kroc each had a copilot by their side to help guide the company’s vision to new heights, and the same can be said for the teams behind Avalon Motorsports, AutoStream Car Care, and BG Automotive.

While the owners of each have graced the pages of Ratchet+Wrench for their savvy strategies and notable growth, they’ll be the first to tell you they didn’t get there on their own. Each has found a passionate, dedicated and hardworking No. 2 that’s been instrumental in growing the shop’s operations and helping bring the company’s vision to life.

Ratchet+Wrench checked in to learn how those dynamic partnerships came to be and what shop owners should keep in mind when searching for their own No. 2.

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