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OEM Part Information at Your Fingertips

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Dwayne Meyers

When it comes to ordering OEM parts, access to accurate information is everything. Having a way to view correct OEM part diagrams and details can mean the difference between a vehicle leaving a shop in a timely manner, or not.

RepairLink Shop, from OEC, is an all-in-one online parts ordering system that allows independent repair shop owners access to not only a quick and easy way to order OEM parts, but also the needed illustrations and diagrams to do so accurately.

Dwayne Myers, CEO of Dynamic Automotive in west Maryland, says they were early adopters of RepairLink Shop, and the online parts ordering system is now a staple in his business.

“I definitely attribute part of our growth to RepairLink Shop because of our ability to get the information we need, and then to actually get the right part in a timely manner,” he says. “All of those things help us get better, and when we get better, we get faster and are able to more efficiently get cars in and out of the shop.”


Vast and Complete Part Selection

Because of availability and reliability, around 40 percent of the parts used at Dynamic Automotive are OEM. And for Myers and his business, the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective way to obtain those parts is through RepairLink Shop.

“The selection of parts through the system is so broad and across so many different makes—it’s not just one supply chain,” he says.

The all-encompassing catalog is easily accessible to all members of the Dynamic Automotive staff who may need to locate parts, aiding in each team getting vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. RepairLink Shop also supplies information on specific part numbers and quantity of parts in stock at customer-specific pricing.

“Not only is the system easy to click through to get to what we need,” Myers explains, “what it provides us is beyond valuable to help us fix these cars.”

The free parts ordering system is accessible on computers, tablets, as well as smartphones, putting RepairLink Shop in every technician and staff member’s hands.


Access to Comprehensive Diagrams

“One of the features we enjoy most about RepairLink Shop is the ability to pull part diagrams right from the OEMs,” Myers explains. “The diagrams allow technicians to pick and choose exactly what parts they need for the repair.”

The illustrations are filed within the parts ordering system and are quickly searchable, making it easy to access for any parts manager or technician.

“The nice thing about the part diagrams is that we’re able to download them and then print them out,” Myers says. “We can then go to the technician with the papers, and they are able to circle which parts they need and the corresponding numbers.”

Overall, the detailed diagrams guarantee efficiency by ensuring accuracy—taking away any guessing that could result in part errors and lengthened repair times.

“When you have a diagram, there’s a higher percentage that you’re going to be able to get the car fixed the first time without delays of additional parts ordering,” he says, “which definitely increases the efficiency and productivity of our team.”

The technical illustrations also save time by removing steps of potential phone calls and excessive communication between the shop and the dealership, which is especially important with busy businesses like Dynamic Automotive.


Close Company Connection

Throughout the five years that Dynamic Automotive has been using RepairLink Shop, Myers and his staff have formed a great relationship with the team at OEC.

“If there’s an update on something or a new feature or function, they’re always open to input and trying to give us what we’re looking for,” he says.

The parts ordering system is simple to use for all members of the shop, Myers explains, but if there are ever any questions, someone at OEC is easy to get in contact with and happy to help.

“I would definitely recommend RepairLink Shop to all shops,” he says. “If someone has never tried it, I think they’ll be surprisingly amazed at the quality of the information available on the system, and how easy it is to access.”


For more information on RepairLink Shop, visit

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