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Since its inception, AutoZone has worked towards one singular goal throughout the years: to help people who take care of cars. AutoZone knows that time is money and that turning bays, maximizing tech time and increasing efficiency means more repairs and more profits. 

AutoZone's commitment to the professional customer is why we they have invested their time and money into building revolutionary technologies that provide a better customer experience—and help you achieve your business goals. 

You need to get the right parts the first time and manage customer expectations while reducing mistakes because your reputation is on the line every minute of every repair. AutoZone offers shops a "Professional Edge" with enhanced search tools and extended catalogs and delivery networks to get you parts faster, with notifications on orders so you and your customers stay up to date. Efficiency is everything in the chaos of the shop, and AutoZone has dedicated its resources into modern “Professional Edge Solutions” not only geared towards your business success, but also to take the worry and work off of you.


Easier Parts Ordering

Get the exact parts you need even faster with the most advanced 24/7 online search tools and intelligence.

  • Search Multiple Terms at Once: The improved search functionality allows you to search multiple terms together, such as “brake pads rotor hub assembly.” All the results are returned to help speed up your parts selection. 

  • Search by Job or Create & Save Your Own: Get everything you need faster and search by preset jobs like “brakes – complete front” and the search results will include front calipers, pads, rotors, and the hardware kit. You may also create your own part lists that you typically buy together; for example, if you have a common recon list, create “Recon Level 1” and put battery, wipers, front brake pads, rear brake pads, front rotors, and rear rotors in the list. All of these part types will be pulled when you click that job. 

  • Search the Extended Parts Catalog: Now you can search more parts including OE dealer brands and non-stocked parts from the AutoZone vendor network so you have access to nearly everything right from your own desktop and save time calling and searching elsewhere. 

  • Search Results Images: All search results have accurate, multi-view images to verify you get the right part the first time.

  • Create Estimates on the Site: Save time by creating professional, printable estimates right on the website when selecting parts, and include services and terms of service plus labor via ALLDATA labor. Store customers’ names and information within the platform.

  • Mobile App with VIN Scanner and License Plate Lookups: Find parts and prices from anywhere with the improved AutoZonePro mobile app. Whether in the bay, outside the office or on the road, vehicles and parts are automatically added to your desktop account.


Faster Delivery

Maximize your profit potential with less waiting, less idle tech time, and more bays turning.

  • Expanded Late-Model Stocked Coverage: AutoZone increased its store stock of  late-model coverage across product lines for more availability and faster delivery

  • Direct-to-Shop Efficient Delivery: AutoZone modified its fulfillment model to leverage its entire network to get you the part you need directly from the available location; no more shipping from store to store or hub to store.

  • Easily Track Orders Online: Now via GPS technology, AutoZone can digitally track your orders and its drivers, ensuring the most efficient drive times and mapping the fastest routes to your shop. Plus, now you can also track your part orders progress online.


Streamlined Account Management

Intuitive single-login site for all your business needs: 

  • Paperless Deliveries & Returns: When the driver arrives, just sign their digital device and your invoices are instantly available online. Returns also generate a text or email and your account is immediately credited.

  • Full Transaction Access: Whether created online or from your phone, the entire transaction is available online and you may easily search through invoices, returns, payments, credits or rebates whenever you need them without having to call the store. Print or download right from the site, no separate login required.

  • Secure Online Bill Payment: No more writing checks or calling with credit card info. Your balance and credit information are available in real time and your credit limit is adjusted instantly when paid, which means you can keep your business moving. Pick your payment type, load a credit card or direct from your bank and all your info is securely saved for your next transaction.


Exclusive Pricing

Worry-free pricing means you can order with ease:

  • No Need to Shop Around: There’s no need to price shop as AutoZone took the hassle out of the mix by looking at your business and surrounding suppliers and competitors to see what prices can best drive your success. 
  • Custom Competitive Pricing: Order with ease and rest assured that AutoZone did the shopping for you with competitive pricing on the parts you need most.


Ready to maximize efficiency at your shop? Demo these features on the PRO Tip Widget or visit

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