Study Ranks Manufacturers Based on Service Costs

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May 19, 2021—A new study ranked auto quality based on service costs, not customer service responses, to find which vehicles have the highest quality and the lowest repair costs.

Forbes report detailed the study, which was conducted by We Predict, a data company based in Michigan. The report looked at more than 801,000 vehicles across 306 models, with results based on 1.6 million service or repair orders that totaled more than $128 million in parts and $254 million in labor costs. 

The study found Honda topped the list of non-premium brands with an average of $21 for service and warranty costs over the three month period for owners and automakers. The average for non-premium brands was $42. At the bottom was General Motors’ GMC brand at an average three-month service cost of $132.

“We've managed to put together a database of billions of service messages across tens of millions of vehicles and it enables us to have a real bias free facts on who's making the best vehicles,” said We Predict founder and CEO James Davies in an interview ahead of a formal presentation Tuesday during an Automotive Press Association webcast.

Honda luxury brand Acura tied with Toyota's Lexus as the leading premium marques at an average of $30 in service and warranty costs—less than half the $84 average for all premium brands. Highest among premium brands was Porsche with an average of $167.

The service costs for electric vehicles are the highest, averaging $123 over three months—more than double the $53 average for all gasoline-powered vehicles and not quite triple the $46 for hybrid vehicles.

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