Shop Using New Method To Stop Catalytic Converter Theft

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May 20, 2021—A St. Louis repair shop is taking a different approach to quell the threat of catalytic converter theft, KMOV4 reported. 

Among the common attempts to stop the theft have been etching a VIN number or painting the converters, but Eric Mead, manager at Shawn’s Master Auto Repair felt there was a more effective solution. 

“We actually get quarter inch steel cable and weld it from the exhaust, loop it through the frames on some of the cars and weld it in several different places," Mead told the outlet. “They could get it off if they want to get it off, but it’s gonna take a lot longer than just a saw to cut it and cut it.”

Mead told the outlet the converter theft is getting worse by the day in his area and over the last six months they put in never converters for 20-30 vehicles. 

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