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Society of Automotive Engineers Confirms Safety of AC Refrigerant

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June 25, 2013—A study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) concluded that Honeywell's new mobile air conditioning refrigerant is safe for use in automobiles, according to a Honeywell news release.

The SAE initiated a study after Daimler’s, a German car manufacturer, test on the refrigerant, named HFO-1234yf, involving a simulated leak resulted in the coolant bursting into flames.

"After extensive testing and analysis, the [study] concluded that the refrigerant release testing completed by Daimler was unrealistic," the SAE said in its final summary.

The SAE said the study’s latest evaluation included Daimler’s concerns, but found that the refrigerant is highly unlikely to ignite.

The HFO-1234yf is already in use by the auto industry and Honeywell said it reduces the global warming impact by 99.7 percent over its predecessor, HFC-134a.

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