AAA Announces Its Best in Auto Repair

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June 25, 2021—An Illinois-based repair shop, Auto Repair Specialists, has been named AAA’s Best in Auto Repair for 2021, the Freeport Journal-Standard reported. 

The shop was named one of the top three shops in Illinois earlier this year and on Wednesday was given the nationwide award. Dave and Gina Timm own the shop, which is located in Freeport, 15 miles south of the Illinois-Wisconsin border and tucked away in the northwest corner of the state. 

“What we are presenting to Dave and Gina is the gold award for excellence,” AAA Auto Repair Coordinator Nate Gustafson told the publication. “Auto Repair Specialists is an AAA member and what we look for in a business is those who engage with members, offer the quality of service, have the right image and we look at the shop. Auto Repair Specialists met all the criteria, and we took notice. This is not something they applied for. We noticed them ... They make us proud of our network of service.”

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