Shop Owner To Pay $134K In Price Gouging Suit

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July 2, 2021—A Pennsylvania shop owner is stuck with a $134,000 bill for allegedly price gouging a customer, Patriot-News reported. 

A state appeals court panel has refused to give a central Pennsylvania garage owner a shot at overturning the six-figure judgement after the shop owner failed to respond to the lawsuit within the 10 day period required by law. The shop owner then appealed the lawsuit a month later. The shop owner argued COVID-19 played a part in his tardiness, however the state court denied that reasoning. 

“While circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic may have contributed to his difficulty in finding representation, it does not explain why he did not take any action himself,” the state judge wrote.

As a result the shop owner will pay the $31,502 that he charged for an engine and transmission replacement that he reportedly never did. He also owes just under $100,000 in damages and legal fees.

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