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The top priority and goal of every repair shop is to get the keys back in a client’s hands as quickly and efficiently as possible to a vehicle that they won’t have to bring back in until the next scheduled visit. There are multiple factors that stack up to avoid the financial and time suck of a dreaded comeback—one of the most integral components being the physical parts used in the vehicle’s repair. 

NGK and NTK continue to provide shops of all sizes quality parts to help owners and technicians deliver top repairs to new and returning customers, including the successful Arkansas-based shop, HCS Auto Repair.       

Tried and True 

Doug Vlastuin and his team have been using NGK products since he purchased HCS Auto Repair over 15 years ago.

“NGK has always been a go-to brand for us,” he says.

Vlastuin found NGK through local suppliers in his area and has continued to utilize the trusted company ever since. The quality of the product has acted as the glue in the HCS and NGK relationship, and has helped aid in the successful shop’s growth for more than a decade. 

Over the past 80 years, NGK and NTK have been providing premium parts to shops around the globe⁠—helping owners, like Vlastuin, and the technicians at their shops provide quality repairs to countless customers.     

“We continue to use them because we get great performance out of their products, and our parts suppliers stand behind them,” Vlastuin says.

Expanding Beyond Spark Plugs

Over a decade ago, when Vlastuin first bought his shop, the only NGK parts his team were using were their spark plugs. But over the years as the company has expanded its breadth of products, the HCS team has as well. NGK and NTK now offer ignition coils, wire sets, oxygen sensors, and technical sensors.

The shop has started using NGK ignition coils and NTK technical sensors and have noticed the same part quality they have experienced with the company’s spark plugs. 

The team has seen specifically great results from the company’s sensor line.

“The biggest problem with sensors is that if you buy a cheap one, you're going to get bad readings, and then a vehicle’s engine or transmission won’t work correctly and you’ll see rework come back in,” Vlastuin says.

The quality of the parts and accuracy of the sensors allow for the shop’s technicians to do each job once, costing the shop, and the employee, less.  It also reduces customer returns and frustration.

Technician Stamp of Approval

Even more importantly, the technicians at HCS Auto Repair stand behind NGK/NTK products and the repairs they make using these parts. 

“These products are the favorites of our technicians,” Derek Chamber, manager at HCS Auto Repair, explains. “If they have a choice, they choose NGK/NTK ninety-nine percent of the time.” 

This again comes down to the quality of parts. The team at HCS has never seen a vehicle come back because of a spark plug failure on a past repair using NGK Spark Plugs—something they have seen with other brands. This all leads to higher customer satisfaction and retention and saves precious time in the shop. 

“Better parts mean fewer comebacks,” Chamber says. “In order to live up to your warranty, you’re going to want to use quality parts, and that’s been proven with NGK and NTK.” 

To view NGK and NTK’s full line of products and learn more about the brand, please visit

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