Shop Taking Controversial Approach To Stop Catalytic Converter Theft

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Sept. 1, 2021—A Wisconsin repair shop is offering a service to swap out factory-installed catalytic converters for an aftermarket version and allowing customers to profit, WGLR reported. 

NRG Automotive Repair, located in Madison, Wis., will swap the converter then sell the factory version and split the profit with the customer 50/50. 

“You are walking out the door with 6 to 800 dollars in your pocket and you have a converter on your car which is not worth stealing. It’s worth about 40 dollars if they steal it,” NRG owner Nathan Gregorious told the outlet. 

However, other shops in the area disagree, the report states, arguing it is a risky option that could hurt the customers’ car in the long run. 

The outlet reached to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and received this response in regards to the approach being taken by NRG Automotive Repair:

“A repair shop is prohibited from misleading customers, and if a customer reported that this replacement did not work as advertised it may be something DATCP looks into. However, we do not have any record of complaints against NRG Automotive to date,” Public Information Officer Kevin Hoffman told the outlet. 

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