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The holidays are coming which brings another new year, meaning future planning is going to start soon. As business owners, we have faced changes and challenges that have forced all of us to react instead of plan for the future. We are all aware of the need for employees that move our business models into a successful reality. Have you given any thought to your training plan for 2022?

The first thing you should review is what your employee training program needs in order to grow your business. Before you make your 2022 training plan, take an inventory of your needs.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I need to upgrade my skills?
  • Do I need to build better technicians?
  • Do I want to increase my technicians’ ASE certifications?
  • Does my business meet all government requirements for training?
  • Do I keep proper training records?
  • What added services do I want to offer my customers?
  • Have we offered our employees a needs assessment to determine our current training requirements?
  • What is our training budget?
  • How do we track training needs and completion?
  • How are we going to handle new technologies?
  • How many new technicians will my business require for the near future?
  • Is improvement of the sales and customer support teams needed? 
  • Will any new equipment be purchased?
  • Does the staff require training around the new equipment? Who supplies it?

After you feel comfortable with your training needs inventory, it is time to consult with a training group that can meet your requirements. A detailed plan based on your needs should be agreed upon then implemented using a yearly schedule. It will get done if you schedule it for the year.

As an example, here is what one of the award-winning training groups, The Group Training Academy,  offers automotive and truck shops. The Group Training Academy supplies a complete training program through Federated Auto Parts and the Pronto Network.

The Group Training Academy offers the following training services along with custom classes:

  • Training consultation
  • Technician training assessments
  • Training path consultation
  • Use of a learning management system to track training needs and training assignments
  • Over 500 hours of 24/7 training with easy access
  • Sales and shop management training
  • ASE certification study information and training support
  • Case certified training programs 
  • Technician coaching programs
  • Sales and management coaching programs
  • Firefighter safety training including EV vehicles
  • Update training for the education sector
  • Hybrid and EV training
  • Apprentice “build a better technician” program
  • Diesel training programs
  • Custom hands-on training classes for government employees
  • Custom training mock-ups for education, allowing for quicker, more targeted training program
  • Hands-on training on the road

You can visit The Group Training Academy at or learn more by calling 1.800.718.7246.

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