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Dale Warmuth began his partnership with KUKUI within the last year. And like any successful brand, he doesn’t quite remember when he first heard about KUKUI, he just knew about the benefits.

Warmuth is the manager of the family owned shop, Leon’s Car Care Center in Northern California. The award winning business has been around since 1961. After a branding change and immense growth over the last 60 years, the large shop now sits in the unique coastal city of Eureka⁠—surrounded by massive redwoods.

KUKUI has helped Warmuth and the Leon’s Car Care Center team bring in a large influx of customers from both within city lines and beyond, even within the short amount of time with the company.

Boost Customer Traffic

Following Warmuth’s decision to partner with KUKUI was a website redesign. And although he mentions that the shop’s previous website looked great and worked well, there is something about the KUKUI layout that brings in the customers.

“With our website before, we probably got an appointment scheduled through it once or twice a month. With KUKUI, I now get a couple of appointments a day,” he explains.

A few appointments a month, to a few appointments a day is a huge leap⁠—and the numbers continue to rise. is clean and image-driven, with three different buttons to click through and make an appointment just on the homepage (without even scrolling). The easy-to-use website⁠—which is also as well-designed on mobile⁠—helps to bring in the customers that are needed to fill the shop’s many bays.

Follow Up for Retention 

But bringing in customers isn’t where successful businesses stop⁠—it’s about keeping those customers by encouraging them to come back. Warmuth’s team utilizes KUKUI’s Text Messaging platform to follow up with each customer and boost retention.

Because the business of Leon’s Car Care Center has been around for roughly six decades, keeping lists of customers’ email addresses has been a challenge for the shop. And although the team is working to turn that around, texting seems to work best for the shop and their customer base. Most people are glued to their phone at every moment throughout that day, and as Warmuth points out, can instantaneously see when a text comes through. In fact, studies report that text messages have an open rate of 98 percent, with 90 percent of those being read within three minutes.

KUKUI allows Warmuth’s staff the ability to quickly follow up with customers after their visit, and encourage them to return. 

Comparable Benchmarks

Warmuth also relies on the KUKUI All-in-One Shop Performance Dashboard to pull relevant data and analytics to share with his team and the rest of his family. The dashboard allows him to break down his shop’s revenue, car count, customer conversion rate and more. He also takes these figures and compares them to the same month from years in the past to get an accurate picture of growth.

Not only does Warmuth use KUKUI to track his growth and compare numbers with previous months, but he also uses the platform to see how his business ranks in the industry.

“It's nice to have some comparables within the industry so we can benchmark ourselves against others and see how we are doing,” he says.

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