Study: Louisiana, Florida Among Worst States to Drive In

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Jan. 3, 2022—New research has revealed the states that are the worst to drive in, according to a press release.

A study by legal experts Dolman Law analysed the number of driving-related deaths, the percentage of insured vehicles, DUI arrests and car insurance costs to see which state came out as the worst.

The data revealed that Louisiana is the worst US state to drive in, with the state having 1.53 deaths every 100 million miles, high insurance costs and a high number of uninsured drivers on the road - only 78% of drivers in the state are insured.

Florida comes in second on the list, scoring lowest for insured drivers, as only 73% of drivers on Florida’s roads are insured. The state had nearly 3,000 fatal crashes in 2019 alone.

The rest of the top ten include Michigan, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Arkansas. 

On the other end of scale, the best US state to drive in was found to be Illinois. The state ranked low for driving fatalities, in addition to having cheap insurance costs and a very low number of DUI arrests, with just 0.32 DUI arrests per 1,000 drivers.

Massachusetts was found to be the second best, with the state scoring well for insured drivers, with 94% of road users being fully insured. It was also the state with the lowest number of vehicle-related deaths with just 0.54 per 100 million miles.

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