Shop Owner Creates Catalytic Converter Theft Protector

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Feb. 8, 2022—A California shop owner has created a device he hopes will deter catalytic converter thefts, Fox 26 News reported. 

Designed for 2004-2017 Priuses, the device, named “Cat Armor”, protects the converter and would take a thief about 15 minutes to remove. 

“It could be cut off just like any other device but the idea is to make it really noisy for them to do it. Make it where, it's not just a simple get in there and cut the pipe off,” said Bill Todd, owner of Todd’s Garage. 

Todd said it takes three minutes to install, and he is working on a device for other car models. It took him a year to design the first device. 

Here’s a video of Todd installing the device. 

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