San Jose Shop Owner Helping Homeless

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Feb. 21, 2022—Townsend’s Automotive, a San Jose repair shop, is working to help homeless in the community get on their feet, CBS 5 reported. 

Larry Townsend, owner of the shop, is carrying on the practice of fixing homeless people’s cars for little to no cost, which started with his father, who founded the business. 

”My dad always extended good faith to customers and people in need, so I wanted to keep that going,” Townsend told the outlet. 

“It made this whole world of mine completely change,” said Lynn, a woman who was homeless and spent her bottom dollar on a used Isuzu Trooper two years ago. She needed a repair after the transmission went out a month later and Townsend allowed her to pay it off over time. 

Now Lynn has found a job, permanent supportive housing and now helps feed others who are unhoused.

Townsend is now trying to help others who are under a deadline to vacate a local encampment which is being swept to make way for an expanded Guadalupe River Park.

“If I can do good will for others, they’ll bring more clients to me and everybody wins,” he said.

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