Chicago Shops Demolished After Fire Damage

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May 2, 2022—A fire that recently broke out on Clark Street in Chicago has left two auto repair shops completely destroyed.

According to Block Club Chicago, the fire started in a pop-up COVID-19 located inside of Smashy Auto. The testing site was closed and not in operation prior to the fire occurring. 

The flames overtook both Smashy Auto and nearby Star Auto, and due to the extensive damage the shop's buildings have since been demolished. The fire damaged a few other surrounding buildings and businesses as well. 

Imran Chaudhry's father owned the Star Auto building that was destroyed. His family had been running their business out of that location since 1990, and they are currently working on setting up a Go Fund Me campaign.

“Our ideal situation is just getting our business back up either in this location or another location,” Chaudhry said in the Block Club Chicago article. 

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, but there is an investigation underway.

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