Indiana Family Retires from Auto Repair after 50 Years

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May 5, 2022—The Farris family of Farris Auto in Lebanon, Indiana, have recently retired after 50 years in business.

According to the Lebanon Reporter, after generations of hard work the family made the decision to sell the BP service station that they owned. They held onto the auto service business next door until just recently when they sold it to JTR Repair. 

"Back in the day, we had two wreckers," Greg Farris said, according to the Lebanon Reporter. "We'd never close. We were open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We'd work on cars all day and night."

Over the years, the family has seen the community grow. Many new businesses have popped up around the shop and times have changed. 

JTR Repair plans on keeping up with the times by implementing more technology into the shop and utilizing more marketing efforts. 

"We were always so busy because people knew us," Farris said. "But this town's grown and you need to reach those people too."

Given that the family operated the shop for 50 years, they made friends with a lot of customers along the way. Farris reports that after reported that they were retiring, dedicated customers called in to relay their thanks for their service throughout the years. 

Overall, the family is confident about their choice of selling to JTR Repair who will operate the shop from now on under the new name. 

"We had two or three people interested in buying, but I didn't like them," said Mark Farris. "But these guys were the best. We thank all of our customers and like I say, it's bittersweet, but these guys will be able to take care of it."

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